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Posted April 1, 2020

We are so appreciative of you and all the amazing support and feedback you have provided us during this unprecedented times. We could not have asked for more caring and dedicated families! As we look ahead, we want to make sure we update you with the most recent information from Governor Wolf and how it impacts us as a school and you as a family. President Trump has extended social distancing requirements on Sunday until April 30. Today, Governor Wolf has announced that he is extending school closure until an indefinite amount of time. This means that he does not have a definite return date, so neither do we. We understand that this extension is not something we expected, and certainly did not hope for. We know this will postpone and potentially cancel certain events that were scheduled in April, like Formal and Legacy. However, we are waiting for future announcements in order to make official decisions on whether we can schedule these events at a later date.

Our teachers recognize that this is a learning curve, not only for them, but also for our students and you as their parents. We want to ensure that our students are still receiving quality educational instruction, but keeping you in mind as a family. If you are finding that you are having difficulties with completing assignments or need more assistance educationally for your students, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s). Our teachers are here to not only teach your child, but to also support you and them in this time. Communication is vital in making this process successful. If you or your child is feeling overwhelmed in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher(s) and work together on finding a solution.

Thank you for partnering with us! We will continue communicating with you as new information become available. We are prayerful that our students are enjoying the educational instruction their teachers are providing them and will continue growing spiritually during this unprecedented time, knowing that God is in control.

Posted March 23, 2020

As we continue to proactively plan and prepare for potentially beginning online, home based educational instruction, we want to give you an update. As of today, we have been informed that Governor Wolf has extended school closure for another 2 weeks. With this, we will begin home based educational instruction on Monday, March 30. We understand that this brings some concern and questions as online instruction is new for all of us. Please read the information below for some clarification on how our teachers are preparing for instruction.

Our teachers have been focusing on their preparations and working in collaboration with our technology team. Teachers will be using a variety of instructional strategies, similar to what they already use in their classrooms. This instruction will look different, depending on the grade level and specific teacher. You may see educational instruction methods like Google Meet, Google Classroom, Zoom, YouTube videos, pre-recorded videos, and emailed instruction. Teachers will have the flexibility to utilize methods that benefit their instruction best. Teachers may use a variety of methods within the week in order to best accomplish the objectives for that class.

Communication is vital. We are in unprecedented times and all growing together in this learning experience. If you find that your student needs more instruction, or they are not receiving emails from teachers, please reach out to the teacher personally (we have been informed that some emails from MCS are going to parents’ “junk/spam” folder. Please check there periodically.). Our teachers are also learning to navigate these new methods. Through all of this, we are extending grace to our teachers and students.

We recognize that parents may still be expected to work throughout the day. Your child may be in the care of other family members while you are working. Please know that we understand and will adjust as much as possible. We will continue to provide the best quality education possible during this uncertain time. We know each students’ learning style is unique to them and will work with teachers to adapt materials accordingly. If you find your student is struggling with instruction or material, please reach out to their teacher. Our teachers are here to help and want success for each of their students. Communication is important while we begin online instruction.

Our teachers will be doing their best in keeping account of their students and the work they are completing. Please know that this is necessary in ensuring no student slips through the cracks during this difficult time. Assessments will look different due to online learning. As we navigate, we want you to be aware of the different assessments your child may be taking. For example, online quizzes, open book tests, and projects, may be used depending on the class and grade level. Assessments are used to ensure our students are mastering the objective that are being taught. We understand that the students are learning and teachers are teaching in a different manner than what is typically done. Because of this, we want to continue using assessments to understand areas where objectives may need to be reviewed.

Our goal is to continue providing quality education for our students, while also adjusting to new educational methods. Our teachers are learning along side our students, and we are very grateful for their flexibility. Though this time is full of adjustments in our teaching methods, we also recognize that our families are also adjusting within their homes. Grace will be shown in all areas as we grow together during this uncertain time. Please continue praying for our families, faculty, staff, and the ministry of Meadowbrook Christian School.

Posted March 18, 2020

As a reminder, our teachers will be diligently working through this week and next week to continue proactively planning and preparing lessons. Students will not have educational instruction until Monday, March 30. This instruction will begin on March 30 whether we are back in school or utilizing remote learning methods from home.

We want to take a moment and thank you all for the flexibility and understanding you have shown during this unprecedented time. Our goal is to continue providing quality educational instruction throughout the school closure. Of course, instruction will look and feel different to everyone involved. However, we strive to provide the best for our students no matter what circumstance we may face. The steps we are taking at this time are still proactive. We do not have the ability to determine how long schools will be closed. However, we will continue being proactive and making decisions that keep our students, faculty, and staff safe.

We also want to thank a few of our team members here at MCS that, without their help, we would not be able to make this all happen. Our facilities team has been here every day sanitizing our entire building. They have been amazing partners in this process and have worked daily to help provide a safe environment for all of us. Our technology team has also been extremely helpful in preparing chrome books for our middle school students to utilize during home instruction. They have been helping our teachers prepare for online instruction and providing us with resources to use as well. Finally, our teachers, who have been flexible in adjusting their teaching methods and learning new skills through this proactive planning period.

We are so grateful that so many of our families were able to adjust their schedules and come pick-up their students’ materials. We are so blessed by the amazing turnout! We understand that schedules are sometimes difficult to adjust in short notice, so we have placed student materials at the church reception desk for you to pick-up at your earliest convenience. The church receptionist is here Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We will continue updating you via email as new information is presented. Our prayer is that we are able to open our doors again on Monday, March 30. However, we are unable to know that at this time. Please remember, educational instruction will begin on Monday, March 30 whether or not we are in school or having remote instruction.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and God Bless,

Kristen Devlin, School Administrator
Samantha Corderman, Assistant Principal

Posted March 17, 2020

Our plan is to extend our Winter Break from  March 13 through March 27, 2020. Educational instruction will resume on Monday, March 30. Educational instruction will resume whether or not we are able to return to school or not. If we have to extend our school closure, our teachers will provide flexible instruction done at home.

We are opening our doors on Wednesday, March 18th from 1:00-5:00 pm. This time is designed to allow students to come in and pick up the necessary materials needed in the event of an extended school closure.

Please read the list below for instructions regarding this Wednesday, March 18.

PRESCHOOL (NURSERY SCHOOL, JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN, KINDERGARTEN) STUDENTS: Enter through school main lobby and go to the reception desk. Parents can pick up their student’s materials at the reception desk (you do not need to bring your student or go to the classroom. All materials will be at the school reception desk).

ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: Enter through the doors they are typically dropped off at in the morning. Students will be directed to go to their homeroom, grab necessary materials from desk, pick-up materials provided by the teacher, and promptly exit the school from the same doors they entered.

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: Enter through the doors they are typically dropped off at in the morning. Students will be directed to go upstairs to their lockers, grab necessary materials from lockers and teachers (who will be stationed by Mr. Rehm and Mrs. Kauffman’s rooms), and return downstairs promptly. After returning downstairs, students will hand in their signed STEP agreement form they received last Thursday and receive a chrome book (if students lost their form, extras will be available. Parents and students must both sign the form.). After receiving their chrome book, students will promptly exit the same doors they entered.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Enter through main lobby doors. Student will go directly to their lockers and then the reception desk for their necessary materials. Students will then exit the same doors promptly.

If you are not comfortable with your student(s) coming into the building: We will have a designated person waiting for you at the main lobby doors. Please pull up, honk your horn, and hand them a piece of paper with you students’ name, their grade, and their locker number. We will then have someone grab the students’ materials and bring them to you.

These steps are being taken as a proactive measure. It is still not clear if we will or will not be extending our school closure. We want to still provide our students with quality educational instruction, even if they are not in our classrooms. In order to do this, our teachers and staff have been and will continue to diligently work on proactive plans. We understand that this may not be our plan, however, God is not surprised by any of this and will continue guiding us through it.

We do not have anyone stationed here at the school to receive phone calls. If you have any questions or concerns, please email individuals directly. We are trying to minimize the amount of people in the building in order to observe social distancing recommendation.   We do not have the ability to forecast how long schools will be closed. We will continue being proactive and planning beyond what is currently presented. We are striving to do our best in making conscious decisions as new information present itself, almost hourly. We want to thank all of our MCS families for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.


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