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Youth Basketball

Grades 4th – 6th

Our youth basketball program provides a chance for our younger players to build and enhance their fundamentals, use those skills in competitive game situations and to just have fun! Our program consists of skilled, dedicated coaches from the varsity and junior high levels willing to invest their time in the development your player’s basketball skills and spiritual well-being. As a basketball program, not only do we have an opportunity to build our program, but also to invest into the lives of these players to help them understand what Meadowbrook Basketball strives to be about.  This year, we have decided to conduct a Meadowbrook Christian School 3 on 3 Intramural league, consisting of specific skill sessions, 3 on 3 game play, and daily skill contests. We will also give the players an opportunity to compete at the end of the league in a playoff situation to showcase their improved abilities.

Youth Intramural Program 2018


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