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About HORIZONS International Student program

We serve international students seeking a high school diploma in the United States by providing:

  • A quality college preparation education (see SAT scores and where our graduates attend college here)
  • Opportunity for a life-changing encounter with Jesus
  • A Biblical worldview that transcends culture

HORIZONS is for international students…

  • whose immediate family resides outside the borders of the United States, AND
  • who are enrolled full-time in grades 9-12, earning credits toward a high school diploma (F-1 visa only), AND
  • who show adequate English language proficiency and grade-level academic skills

We offer…

  • Homestay arrangements with an American family – we partner with select agencies to secure host homes in our community. Medical insurance is also provided and required.
  • English as a Second Language courses – may be required depending on English proficiency level. Earn High School credits.
  • Intro to US History and Intro to Christianity and the Bible courses (required) – a valuable foundation for success in other Bible and Social Studies courses.
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Path to Enrollment

Contact Miriam Miller, Director of Global Connections
Email: miriam.miller@mcslions.org
Phone: 570.742.2638 ext. 348
Yo hablo español. ¡Estoy a sus órdenes!

Horizons International Student program exists as an extension of Meadowbrook’s mission of~
Building solid citizens…”  By promoting the respectful appreciation and interaction of world cultures within our school family. This prepares all students for influential citizenship in today’s global communities.
“…one child at a time…”  By addressing the specific cross-cultural and academic needs of the students God brings to us from other countries.
“…in a Christian atmosphere.”  By seeking to instill in all students a vibrant Christian faith that is lived out, faithfully and contagiously, in any cultural context.

Athletic program include soccer, basketball, track and field.

Our athletic program includes soccer, basketball, track and field.

Meadowbrook Christian School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.


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